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TFT128 ScreenKey - overview

The TFT128 ScreenKey is a programmable push button key switch with a full-color high-resolution TFT display. It boasts a 128*128 pixel resolution, where each pixel color may be chosen from a palette of 65,536 colors. The TFT128 display is backlit by a white LED.

TFT128 ScreenKeysMain features:

  • 128 * 128 pixel resolution
  • 65,536 colors per pixel
  • Full-color imaging
  • SPI Interface (4 wire)
  • Field replaceable
  • Low bandwidth
  • Low profile
  • Up to 10fps refresh
  • Bitmap addressable
  • High-level commands
  • Internal character generator
  • 7 lines, 9 characters per line
  • User downloadable font support

TFT128 ScreenKey Flyer (PDF, 75kb)



TFT128 DisplayTFT128 ScreenKey

The TFT128 ScreenKey is an intelligent push-button key switch with an onboard microcontroller and graphical display controller. It features a full-colour 128*128 TFT display with 65k colors per pixel. It is controlled via SPI interface and features a snap-in mount, no soldering required. 7 lines with 9 characters (internal font) or a downloaded font is supported. The expandable command set allows designers to use simple ASCII control, full bitmap graphics, or both. The switch can have two functions, a conventional push-to-make electrically isolated switch and/or an internal switch monitor which can report key activation to host systems for direct control or monitoring functions. The part number for ordering is 'TFT128'.

TFT128 ScreenKey Overview (PDF, 39Kb)
Technical Datasheet TFT128 ScreenKey (p/n: TFT128)

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TFT100 USB Dev KitTFT100 USB Development Kit

The TFT100 is a USB Development Kit specifically designed for the evaluation/prototyping of the TFT128 ScreenKey. The TFT100 Development Kit allows developers to understand and experiment with the features and functionality of the TFT128 ScreenKey. The TFT100 Development Kit contains one on-board TFT128 switch and includes source firmware written in ‘C’ which can be easily modified and recompiled using a free ‘C’ compiler. Developers can easily modify the provided source code to generate their own images, text and other functionality to test and prototype using the TFT128 ScreenKey.

Main features:

  • 1-key TFT128 ScreenKey Development/Evaluation Kit
  • Instant evaluation/prototyping of the on-board TFT128 ScreenKey
  • Built-in demo/example high-definition images
  • Re-programmable via USB / Host PC

TFT100 Development Kit Overview (PDF, 45Kb)
User Guide TFT100 USB Development Kit (p/n: TFT100)

TFT100 Dev Kit Request Information..



TFT128 DisplayTFT128 Display

Based on the TFT128 ScreenKey, the TFT128 Display is a display-only device with all the display capabilities of the TFT128 key switch in a small display form-factor. The TFT128 Display is essentially is the TFT128 ScreenKey with the plastics and switch mechanism removed. The same interface, command set, features and functionality apply. Full dimensions and footprint is specified in the TFT128D technical datasheet. The part number for ordering the TFT128 display is 'TFT128D'.

TFT128D Display Overview (PDF, 39Kb)
Technical Datasheet TFT128 Display (p/n: TFT128D)

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Operating Modes

Command mode simplifies integration into applications by using simple address codes such as, 'text display', 'clear display', 'report key press' etc.
High-speed mode
implements a simple graphics-only interface and delivers up to 10 frames per second frame refresh rate. The TFT128 may be used in either Portrait or Landscape mode depending on the application.


Interface and Command Set

A fully implemented 4-wire SPI interface (with an expanded command set) allows designers to use simple ASCII control, a full bitmap graphic display or a combination of the two. The TFT128 supports downloadable display content and is designed to minimise bandwidth requirements from a host controller. This is particularly useful in a multi-ScreenKey environment.

A simple click-fit connection means there is no need for soldering. A flex-tail cable terminated by a PCB connector is provided to connect to the host system. Operating temperature of the TFT128 ScreenKey is -20 to +70°C and life cycle is up to 7 years from manufacture.